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artwork by Andrew Goldfarb

This month's Two Buck Tuesday is curated by Kate Stewart and is focused on skills. The skills you need to pay the bills, not monetary bills, no, nothing so crass, but the spiritual bills that we all run up living our daily life of compromise and practicality. Pay off the debt of wonder and satisfaction that you owe yourself with our panel of experts.

--> OLLIE MOORE as he reveals to you the secrets of bike racing, giving birth (for fathers,) and the San Jose music scene. HE HAS THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS!

--> GIANFRANCO PAOLOZZI has a story to tell you. "falling in love...yes...falling in love...you know!...when you are surrounded with that colorless odorless cloud that paralyzes you for minutes or years and you really do not know why but something is happening in your brain and you only see in front of you what is making you stunned...what is making you so passionate...what is making you finally again realize that life after all is good...yes...falling in love....and happened to me again...with a sound..." DOES THIS NOT SOUND LIKE THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS?!

--> The epochs-old art of Serigraphy with MICHAEL FOLEY. So simple that a child could manage it, and yet invaluable to our modern lifestyle, Serigraphy can give you THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS!

--> Secrets tucked within your own soul as MATTHEW SEIGEL helps you uncover the lost technologies of letter writing. Do you know how to connect without email or facebook? Do you know what a stamp is? When is the last time you wrote your Grandmother? Charm friends and relatives while creating priceless records of the age that your grandchildren will cherish! Two Buck Tuesday brings you another of the SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS!

--> Man-about-town ALVYN VILLANUEVA is as comfortable on the dance floor as he is with a paintbrush. Look upon his blog at www.mushapartment.com and know: HE HAS THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS!

--> When zombies attack, go find MO MACHADO. HE HAS THE SKILLS THAT SAVE YOUR BRAINS!

--> Musician and comic artist ANDREW POISONER GOLDFARB has toured America with his spooky rock show, produced and published his own comic series "The 10,000 Sorrows of Ogner Stump," and recently won KFJC's 50th Anniversary logo contest. Check out http://www.ognerstump.com/ and discover what so many already know: HE HAS THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS!

--> Found at the age of 13 in a hollow log, AIDAN CASSERLY adjusted quickly to his new role in human society. Behold the man at http://www.aidancasserly.com/. HE HAS THE SKILLS THAT PAY THE BILLS!

All this plus aural intoxicants, culinary dainties, and amazingly affordable art awaits you at KALEID Gallery on Tuesday the 15th of December from 6-9pm.

KALEID Gallery
88 S 4th St
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 947-1785


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