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Coincidence Exhibit at Seeing Things Gallery, May 18th

Coincidence by Sergej Vutuc & Shawn Whisenant

Sergej and Shawn are two very different people from two opposite sides of the world (Germany & San Francisco) but in some ways are very alike by sharing the same passions and interests in art, photography, zines & skateboarding.

Sergej Vutuc has been traveling through out the United States for the last two months zig-zagging his way across Philly, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Portland. All the while doing art shows, skateboarding, making music, zines and photographing it all!

Shawn Whisenant is a sign painter & a curator at the Book and Job gallery in San Francisco. He spends his days making art and shooting photographs of whatever subjects that catch his eye. See more of

Together Sergej and Shawn will combine both their very different worlds into one installation.

Saturday the 18th of May, 7pm to 11pm

Seeing Things Gallery
30 North Third St.
San Jose CA


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