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Ellie Brown's new book

Ellie Brown, who moved from San Jose to teach in South Korea, just sent us the news that she has published her book entitled Two Girls: My Sisters 1996-2006, a ten year art project in which Ellie dedicated herself to photographing her two sisters through their adolescence.

"Just as I began to establish my sisters as girls, pre-adolescence descended and absolutely changed the path of my project. On the surface I was still photographing my sisters but it was my approach that changed. I was fascinated and repulsed by new conversations of boys, makeup and weight. This led me to read any and every book I could find on the subject of adolescence and pre-adolescence. It also led me to seriously investigate my own pre-adolescent experiences, which were far less than stellar, in relation to theirs. In photographing Emily and Abby, I was also photographing how a girl becomes alien in her own body, how confidence may falter, how grooming rituals become of great importance, how relationships with friends and family change and most importantly, the quest for identity. When I photograph my sisters and when I photograph other girls I am primarily concerned with identity in our complicated media driven culture and how it manifests."

For more information or to purchase the book, please click here.


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