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First Friday February Exhibit Openings at KALEID Gallery

KALEID Gallery is proud to present two new feature exhibitions by resident artists Steven Borelli, and Luis Jorge Mieses opening on First Friday February 5th, 5pm–9pm.

Conduits by resident artist Steven Borelli.

I am a conduit for creativity and my works are the results thereof. Through them we are able to pierce the fragile fabric of this reality and view other dimensions with unimaginable worlds, chaos and order, organic shapes juxtaposed with design elements and. . .

Just kidding. I really am just doodling. But they’re amazing doodles. And we are all conduits for creativity.

About the Artist:
Steven Borelli has been drawing since he was a fetus. The inside of his mother’s womb is tattooed with the ramblings of his fertile imagination. These days, between fever dreams and feeding his cat, Borelli continues to indulge his imagination by creating art. For art’s sake.

Lifecasting Series by resident artist Luis Jorge Mieses.

The idea behind this series is to show the numerous ways the body parts could be captured. I copy the human figure because as time passes the only things left are the beautiful memories embodied in the sculptures.I make them for different purposes; from getting a commission of an artistic piece to show to keeping memories of our loved ones.Making sculptures represents intimate time with myself. Through it, I get to relax, feel plenty and express my creativity trying to capture the beauty I see around me.I started modeling clay, wood carving and preparing molds for the bodies of animals that I needed for taxidermy, trying – in some way – to restore the animal’s lost life in an artistic form. Making that work lighted the sparkle of sculpture in my mind. Currently, I am devoted to reproducing human body parts using molds and seeking balance in my compositions.

About the Artist:
Luis Jorge Mieses was born in Peru, where he grew up, graduated, and worked as an Industrial Engineer. Mieses inspiration started many years ago when he saw many life size sculptures taken from the people of the Amazonia, at the Pacific International Festival in his country. At the exhibition he watched an explanatory video, where he could understand how the artist took the impressions from the people. Immediately his mind traveled into the jungle with its magnificent splendor and he imagined himself taking the molds from the people that used to live there, in natural way.

Since his move to California in 2001, Mieses has devoted his time to sculpture and taxidermy. Because of the taxidermy work – which required molds preparation, shaping and molding parts for mounting different animals – he discovered the fascinating world of sculpture. Mieses first devoted his time to research and studies of the human figure, and then took art classes at Foothill and De Anza Colleges in California. Consequently, Mieses is achieving his dream though sculpture, capturing hands, faces, feet and various body parts.Currently Mieses has refined his technique reaching a professional level in the preparation of Lifecasting sculptures.Mieses’ works are in private collections and galleries.

Exhibitions open: First Friday February 5th, 5–9pm
Exhibit dates: February 5–26, 2021

In-person gallery hours:
Fridays 5–9pm, Saturdays Noon–5pm and by appointment by emailing info@kaleidgallery.com
Free admission. Social distancing and mask required at all times in the gallery.

KALEID Gallery
320 S. 1st St.
SoFA District
downtown San Jose


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