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Carter needs your NUMBERS!

As most of you Don't know just yet, I recently won a bid to build a giant countdown clock for the Hackers and Founders "Nerd New Year" event happening on 11.11.11 .


The physical build actually went down ahead of schedule! and the software is right on track, but I need help from my fellow artist to make this thing go from "Cool" to "BAD ASS!"

The Clock: ~14' tall, steel framing holding a series of 6 x 23" monitors in the air. Said monitors are arranged along the front in vertical format and each display a single digit of a clock.
As the clock ticks down to 11:11:11pm on 11/11/11 each number will be represented by a different photo - chosen at random - from a collection of that number. Also, there Might be flame throwers on top!

Something like this:

The problem:
The largest part of the software is grabbing a random copy of whatever digit, and updating the display. While I Could go through and have it pick from Flickr, a number of artist and photographers have limited their usage of images in a way that makes it a lot harder to find morally clean numbers, and I would hate to step on someone's toes over fair use and drm. Manually sorting through photos online to find out if the the largest formatted ones is fairly attainable in time for 11.11.11 is Tedious at best.

How you can help:
Email me your photos of Numbers!
If you make it yourself or otherwise find some in the wild, I don't care, but I need lots of them!

I do have some request about this though...

*"Physical" numbers. I really like the idea of presenting large amounts of information in this digital format, but enjoy the disparity of looking at digital photos of physical things. I know several of you are AWESOME at design work, but numbers found in "Meat Space" is the main objective.

*Single Whole Number Digits 0 - 9 only. You found an awesome 13 out there, but I won't have a way of displaying that correctly, so why not submit a 1 and a 3 photo separately??? And I know I'll be asking for trouble, but V for 5 and I for 1 Would for the most part work, so be creative! Save the shot of Pi for another project however ;)

*Vertical formatting. 9:16 would be best, but any of the wider formats shot in vertical/portrait format would be best.

*"Hi Res" 1080h x 1920v would be perfect, but they need to just look good blown up full screen.

*.jpg format to keep the size down and make it easier on me for coding purposes.

*I would love large collections Zipped up, but individual shots email would be fine.

*Labeling the names of your submissions into a "#_AAA_##.jpg" format would be SUPER helpfull, with the first # being the digit in the photo, then your initials, then a number separating your shots if you have more than one of that digit to submit.

Email me directly at GCStokum@gmail.com

Whew. Now I'm going to get back to programming, but if any of you could help the clock look awesome, I will be eternally grateful.

G. Carter Stokum


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