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CREATIVE TIME speaks in San Jose December 1st

Tribute of Light (photo via kotobuki711)

It seems that every time we hear about a cool new public art installation and/or intervention going on in NYC, you come to find out that CREATIVE TIME is behind it.

They are non-profit and well funded, and yet, are still able to put profound challenging works out in the public realm but don't seem to surrender to the typical pitfalls of public art, typically the diminishing of meaning because of public sector committee and fear of negative public opinion.

One of my all time favorite works of public art is the Creative Time produced Tribute in Light on the six month anniversary of 9/11 (and subsequent tributes thereafter). A seemingly simple idea, two super powered spotlights placed where the towers once were, beaming strong and dignified into the heavens.

The Great Cities Spearkers Series is bringing Anne Pasternak, the Executive Director of Creative Time.

Anne Pasternak will be in San Jose on December 1st to speak about the role that artists can play in reframing people's everyday experiences of their surroundings, the importance of having artists involved in the dialogue regarding enriching public space, and the benefit to artists of providing opportunities for visual dialogue with the public.

Ms. Pasternak has been the Executive Director of Creative Time since 1994. She is committed to initiating projects that give artists the opportunity to innovate their practice and reflect on contemporary society while engaging millions of people with art that permeates everyday urban life. Creative Time derives its values from a historic impetus to foster artistic experimentation, enrich public space and the everyday experience, and forefront artists as key contributors to democratic society.

Creative Time: How Artists Enrich Public Space
Anne Pasternak, president and creative director, Creative Time
Monday, December 1 6:00-7:00 pm
Venue: San Jose Repertory Theatre, 101 Paseo De San Antonio
Free admission.


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