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OPEN CALL: The Show Starts on the Sidewalk

Deadline: February 28, 2008 (postmark)
No fee, no pay
Curators: Bill Basquin & Nomi Talisman

Thematic considerations: We are looking for submissions under 10 minutes in length that relate to the theme of INTERVENTION. This film program will be screened as a part of the Interrupt, Intervene! Art as Social Change Festival hosted by UC Santa Cruz. There will be a conference at UCSC and exhibitions and screenings in the
cities of San Francisco, Santa Cruz and San Jose and on campus at UC Santa Cruz throughout May 2008. (For more information about the conference and events visit the website: http://may2008.artintervention.org )

Art as intervention is an emerging field of contemporary art practice, and artists frequently use humour, surprise, or unusual associations to overturn assumptions about the world, invite political engagement, create collaborations and relationships, examine the everyday or map hidden systems, allowing the audience to think in new ways.

We are seeking work that A) either documents public intervention or B) is an intervention in itself. Screenings will take place in outdoor locations in public places in all three cities. We are seeking work that considers relational aesthetics, interventions, Situationist practices, Fluxus style events and which explores the followings concepts:

Intervention: An action undertaken in order to change what is happening or might happen in another's affairs, especially in order to prevent something undesirable In.ter.rupt (v) 1.To halt the flow of a speaker or of a speaker's utterance with a question or remark. 2. To disturb somebody who is busy doing something, causing him or her to stop. 3. To cause a break in the flow of something or put a temporary stop to something. 4. To discontinue doing something temporarily. 5. To obstruct or block a view In.ter.fer.ence (n) 1. Involvement in something without any invitation or justification. 2. Hindrance or obstruction that prevents a natural or desired outcome. 3. An unwanted signal that disrupts radio, telephone, or television reception. In.tru.sion (n)1. A disturbing of somebody's peace or privacy by an unwelcome arrival or presence. 2. An unwelcome presence or effect that disturbs or upsets something. In.volv.ing (adj) Holding the attention. Alternatively, you can Bring Your Own Definition!

Technical details:
Preview format: DVD. One DVD for each entry, no complicated menus.
Exhibition format: DVD. The DVD must play from a DVD player.
Please attach a short description, contact information, and a one paragraph short bio, and SASE if you want your DVD back.
Please mark as Intervention/Sidewalk program

Send to:
Nomi Talisman/ Sidewalk screening
1499 Potrero Ave. Soap Building Unit #2
San Francisco, CA 94110


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