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Homeless Bag Project

We met Alica Rice over three years ago when she was a high school student. A prolific photographer, she wanted to try her hand at curating a show for Phantom Galleries that showcased other students, like herself, with exceptional potential but not much support. She thought that by putting together an exhibit it would bring these creative young people together and give their parents, teachers and other friends a glimpse of what they were capable of. After a year of working on this exhibit, there was a tremendous turnout and, I think for everyone involved, a sense of accomplishment and encouragement in their artistic endeavors.

Alicia is now a student at Santa Clara University and is still an exceptionally conscientious young woman. We wanted to forward her latest project request and hope that many of you will respond with your help and encouragement.

From Alicia:
The Tenderloin in San Francisco is a neighborhood full of poverty and disrepair. It holds nearly 90% of San Franciscoís large homeless population. However, if one is to get past these surface impressions, one can find a place full of people in need of help, people who just want to be recognized. Especially during the holiday season, a little extra love can never hurt.

Last year, with the help of many people, we raised over $500 and made 80 bags to pass out to the homeless of the Tenderloin. Each bag was made out of canvas (and therefore reusable) and filled with food and toiletries. And while I can never fully express the joy giving the bags out gave me, there were still so many people who we werenít able to help.

This year, Iíd like to improve the bags and add items such as gloves and hats. In addition, Iíd love to increase the number of items in the bags.

There are two major ways you can help:

1. Donating money. Each bag will cost about $10 -$15. Being a college student, my income isnít very large, but this means a lot to me, so Iíll spend what I need to in order to create at least a fair number of bags. However, the more money, the more bags can be created. As the homeless often say themselves, even pennies help. To donate through this easy Paypal link, please click here.

2. Donating bags. Like I mentioned, I want reusable bags for the gifts to be placed in. They donít have to be incredibly fancy or great, but just something that can be useful. For example, the new bags theyíre selling at most supermarkets are a great. But most anything around the house will do.

The reason I donít ask for item donations is because I want the bags to be uniform, so going and getting the items myself allows for everyone to be helped equally.

If you canít help in those ways, but are still willing to do something, contact me and Iím sure we can figure something out.

Please forward this to anyone who is interested. My email is arice@scu.edu


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