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Tucker Nichols at ZieherSmith, NYC


Tucker Nichols (Phantom Galleries 2005) is having his second solo exhibit at ZieherSmith gallery in New York City which opens Sept. 6 and on view thru Oct. 6th.

The installation above, that Tucker did with Steve Lambert for Phantom years ago in the old Woolworth building (now Black Sea Gallery), is a pretty good example of the simple brilliance of Tucker's art. I remember we were all cleaning the dirt and grime from the front windows. Tucker and Steve weren't settled on what they wanted to do yet. Just then a car drove up in front of the space, in line for the light to change green, and they heard someone in the car tell their passenger, "I just woke up from the most beautiful dream...." and then drove off. Tucker looked at Steve and said "that's it!" and they painted these words on the window. It was so perfect for that bleak area that needed transformation.

In the ZS press release, Tucker is quoted as saying: “I’m trying to capture the early part of a thought—before it’s fully formed, before it makes perfect sense. The early part of a thought is bold and simple and not yet worn down by practical concerns. I want to celebrate our willingness to complete the story, to make sense of things even when there’s so little to work with. I’d rather build an open circuit and ask you to close the gap yourself.”


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