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June 16, 2007

Phantom Locations for May thru July, 2007

28 North First Street - figura il musica acrylic paintings by Harriet Helfricht.

49 North First Street - Little Inferences An installation of encaustic and mixed media small paintings on canvas intended to convey the landscape around us, including mountains, glaciers, forests and oceans by Wendy Lowengrub.

55 North First Street - Death Lurks mexican folk art inspired paintings by Christine Benjamin.

And on going is 64 artists exhibiting at KALEID gallery.

October 9, 2007

Patch Wright at 455 South First Street

Michael by Patch Wright

Patch Wright (also a current KALEID artist) has a new installation at 455 South First Street as part of the Phantom Galleries program (right next door to works/san jose gallery). Patch uses seemingly mundane everyday materials and creates beautiful sculptures in their own right. They are impeccably crafted, often very witty and capture your sense of wonder.

The installation is viewable 24/7 from the sidewalk and runs through December 2007.

December 19, 2007

New Phantom exhibits by Eric Taggart and Maryellen Mahar

above image by Eric Taggart

Two new Phantom Galleries exhibits have been installed featuring the assemblage work of Eric Taggart and colorful (what I like to describe as) "pop abstracts" by Maryellen Mahar in downtown San Jose's SoFA District. Both exhibits will be on view through January, 2008.

Eric Taggart is on view at 455 South First Street
Maryellen Mahar is on view at 460 South Market Street
(Both art exhibits are located in the same building, just opposite ends. Next door to WORKS gallery.)

March 29, 2008

Two new Phantom exhibits on South First Street

We're very pleased to announce we've acquired two new locations for the Phantom Galleries project in the SoFA District. We are grateful to the owners of the buildings for their participation which gives exhibit opportunities to our local artists and enlivens our district.


386 South First Street - Long time Duke of the Art Car brigade, Philo Northrup exhibits his personal assemblage artwork. On view through May, 2008.


380 South First Street - Lori Gordon's watercolor text paintings are part of the current exhibit This Show Needs You at SJICA. On view through May, 2008.

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